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    Bis(8-quinolinolato)copper(II) (purified by sublimation) Inquiry
    CAS Number: 10380-28-6
    Molecular Formula: C18H12CuN2O2;C18H12CuN2O2
    Bis(8-quinolinolato)copper(II) Inquiry
    CAS Number: 10380-28-6
    Molecular Formula: C18H12CuN2O2;C18H12CuN2O2;
    Tetrabutylphosphonium Bis(1,3-dithiole-2-thione-4,5-dithiolato)nickel(III) Complex Inquiry
    CAS Number: 105029-70-7
    Molecular Formula: C22H36NiPS10
    Dioctadecyldimethylammonium Bis(1,3-dithiole-2-thione-4,5-dithiolato)aurate(III) Inquiry
    CAS Number: 120141-26-6
    Molecular Formula: C44H80AuNS10
    Bis(2,4-pentanedionato)cobalt(II) Dihydrate Inquiry
    CAS Number: 123334-29-2
    Molecular Formula: C10H18CoO5
    Bis(2,4-pentanedionato)copper(II) Inquiry
    CAS Number: 13395-16-9
    Molecular Formula: C10H14CuO4
    Copper(II) Diethyldithiocarbamate Inquiry
    CAS Number: 13681-87-3
    Molecular Formula: C10H20CuN2S4
    Bis(dimethylcarbamodithioato-s,s)copper Inquiry
    CAS Number: 137-29-1
    Molecular Formula: C6H12CuN2S4
    Iron(III) Diethyldithiocarbamate Inquiry
    CAS Number: 13963-59-2
    Molecular Formula: C15H30FeN3S6
    Bis(2,4-pentanedionato)cobalt(II) Inquiry
    CAS Number: 14024-48-7
    Iron(III) Hexacyanoferrate(II) Inquiry
    CAS Number: 14038-43-8
    Molecular Formula: Fe4[Fe(CN)6]3;C18Fe7N18
    N,N'-Bis(salicylidene)ethylenediaminocobalt(II) Inquiry
    CAS Number: 14167-18-1
    Molecular Formula: C16H14CoN2O2;
    Cobalt(II) Tetraphenylporphyrin Inquiry
    CAS Number: 14172-90-8
    Molecular Formula: C44H28CoN4
    Copper(II) Tetraphenylporphyrin Inquiry
    CAS Number: 14172-91-9
    Molecular Formula: C44H30CuN4+2
    Manganese(III) acetylacetonate Inquiry
    CAS Number: 14284-89-0
    Molecular Formula: C15H24MnO6
    Tris(dibenzoylmethanato) Iron Inquiry
    CAS Number: 14405-49-3
    Molecular Formula: C45H36FeO6;
    Tris(trifluoro-2,4-pentanedionato)chromium(III) Inquiry
    CAS Number: 14592-89-3
    Molecular Formula: C15H15CrF9O6
    Chromium picolinate Inquiry
    CAS Number: 14639-25-9
    Molecular Formula: C18H12CrN3O6
    Pigment Blue 15 (purified by sublimation) Inquiry
    CAS Number: 147-14-8
    Molecular Formula: C32H16CuN8
    Copper(II) Phthalocyanine (β-form) Inquiry
    CAS Number: 147-14-8
    Molecular Formula: C32H16CuN8

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