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  • Copper Chromite Black (PBk28)

    Product Information

    ParameterCatalog Number
    Tint (1:3)
    C.I.NamePigment Black 28Pigment Black 28Pigment Black 28Pigment Black 28Pigment Black 28Pigment Black 28
    C.I. No.774287742877428774287742877428
    Pigment ChemicalCu-Cr-MnCu-Cr-MnCu-Cr-MnCu-CrCu-CrCu-Cr
    Specific Gravity5.
    Mean Particle Size (μm)
    Oil Absorption (g/100g)~28~28~26~27~27~27
    PH Value4-84-84-84-84-84-8
    Heat Resistance (°C)>500>500>500>500>500>500
    Acid Fastness (1-5)555555
    Alkali Fastness (1-5)555555
    Light Fastness (1-8)888888
    Weather Fastness (1-5)555555

    *The colors shown in the table are only approximate, please test and confirm before use.

    Main Characteristics

    • Spinel structure
    • Bluish black shade
    • Easy to disperse
    • Excellent dimensional stability
    • Near-infrared absorbent
    • Recommended for use with high performance organic pigments in opaque formulations

    Main Applications

    Copper chromite black is widely used in various industries due to its unique properties and versatility. Its main applications include:

    • Coatings and Paints

    Copper chromite black is widely used in the formulation of automotive, architectural and industrial coatings and paints. It can increase the gloss of the paint film, and enhance the coating adhesion and weather resistance.

    • Plastics and Polymers

    This pigment can be used for the coloring of plastics and polymers, bringing a stable hue to the final product.

    • Printing Inks

    Copper chromite black is the key to producing high quality black printing inks. The pigment has excellent light and chemical resistance, ensuring the service life and gloss of the printed material.

    • Construction Materials

    Copper chromite black can be incorporated into outdoor construction materials such as cement, concrete, and mortar to enhance the visual effects of architectural elements.

    Copper Chromite Black (PBk28)

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