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    Alfa Chemistry Alfa Chemistry is a customer-centric company dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services through superior material technology. In the years since we started our business, we have focused on providing multiple solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

    During the period, the professional ability and team spirit of our employees continuously demonstrated the company to achieve vigorous development and achieve diversified development.

    We strive to provide a working environment that enables employees to achieve their personal career goals and contribute to our many common successes. We are sensitive to the needs of all employees and selects individuals who will make contributions to the company, aspire to our common goal of performance excellence and take pride in fulfilling our commitment to our customers and responsibilities to each other.

    Employee Benefits

    We provide a comprehensive employee benefit package and update it to meet the changing needs of employees. Company-sponsored training is applicable to all employees.

    Career Opportunities

    We recruit employees from various industries to grow our company. Our goal is to position employees where they can use their academic qualifications and experience and meet their professional interests.

    Sales Manager, Medicinal Chemistry Majors in chemistry
    Scientist, Medicinal ChemistryPh.D. degree in synthetic organic chemistry


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