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Electronic Wet Chemicals

Alfa Chemistry specializes in providing high-purity chemicals used in semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing processes, ranging from parts per trillion (ppt) to parts per billion (ppb) cation levels, depending on your needs.

Our technology leadership and close cooperation with our customers ensure superior product quality and a consistent supply of advanced electronic chemicals for high-performance devices that enable today's and next-generation technologies.

Our broad range of ultra-high purity wet chemical product lines include:

  • Acids and Bases

Alfa Chemistry specializes in providing the semiconductor industry with a full range of pure acid and base chemicals. Most semiconductor processing systems require this for the proper manufacture of silicon chips. Our high level of quality assures customers of consistent and superior results.

  • Solvents

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of high-purity solvents to meet customer-specific application needs. Our electronic-grade fluids are used throughout the semiconductor industry.

  • Etchants

Our etchant product line includes mixed acid etchants for many unique processes as well as a wide range of metal etchants - aluminum, copper, chromium, gold, nickel, platinum, tantalum, and titanium. We also offer blends for metal alloys and ITO materials.

Electronic wet chemicalsFigure 1. Electronic wet chemicals


Our electronic wet chemical products offer a wide range of products and services to achieve application-specific standards in semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing. They are used at various stages of the electronics manufacturing process, such as in semiconductors and in various electronics applications such as integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing, printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, LCDs, LEDs, display panels, monitors, TVs, and other electronics. These chemicals are used in the cleaning and etching processes of semiconductors.

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