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Plastics are a class of synthetic or naturally occurring polymers which, due to their structure, can be easily molded and shaped under heat and pressure. This property is known as plasticity, hence the name plastic for this material. Plastics first appeared in the early 20th century. Owing to the outstanding advantages of its light weight, durability, and the versatility in color, touch, and shape, plastics started to flourish in the 1950s. Ever since then, plastics have surpassed most other man-made materials and production capacity has grown rapidly. Today, plastics are more frequently used in daily living than ever before. It has become a fundamental material in the infrastructure of modern society, bringing technological progress, energy savings and many other social benefits to mankind.



  • Depending on their physical properties, plastics can be divided into the following two categories.
  • Thermoplastics: They are a type of plastic made from polymer resins. When heated, they become softer and can therefore be molded into any shape under high temperature conditions. When cooled, they become hard and rigid and retain their molded shape. They can be reheated and molded into any other shape reversibly, any number of times without any change in the chemical nature.
  • Thermoset plastics: They are polymers in which a crosslinking reaction occurs promoting chemical bonding between macromolecular chains and creating a three-dimensional (3D) network. Thermoset plastics have high melting points, but they become solid when exposed to a certain level of heat. However, once hardened, they cannot be melted for reshaping.
  • Depending on their different use characteristics, plastics can be divided into the following three categories.
  • Commodity plastics: They are mass-produced plastics for applications that do not require special material properties (e.g. food packaging, disposable products and household products). Commercial plastics tend to be inexpensive to produce and exhibit lower mechanical properties than engineering plastics.
  • Engineering plastics: They are a class of plastics that are widely used in industry. The physical properties of engineering plastics have allowed them to perform well over a wide range of temperatures, under mechanical stresses, and in difficult chemical and physical environments. These plastics are usually more expensive than commodity plastics and are therefore generally used in small volume applications.
  • High-performance plastics: They are plastics that perform better than commodity or engineering plastics. They have superior thermal stability, mechanical properties and chemical resistance. These plastics are usually quite expensive, so are minimally used compared to the other two types of plastics.


Within the last few decades, plastics have revolutionized our daily lives. The advantages of plastics include, but are not limited to the following.


  • They can be easily molded into different shapes and sizes.
  • They can be translucent, transparent and opaque.
  • They have excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties.
  • They have relatively low production costs.
  • They can be customized to meet specific technical needs.
  • They are lightweight and easy to transport.
  • They have a long lifespan that encourages reuse.
  • They are an important contributor to the global economy.

Alfa Chemistry's products

Alfa Chemistry is a leader in the plastics industry. We mainly provide the following products to our customers.

Alfa Chemistry's custom service

No matter what shape or parameter plastic you want, Alfa Chemistry can provide you. We are committed to:

  • Professional technical team to provide high-quality service
  • Strict quality assurance system to ensure product quality
  • Extremely competitive quotations to reduce your costs
  • One-stop service platform to solve any of your problems

Custom service process follows the company's general process, if you have special requirements, please contact us, we will have a professional customer service representative to answer your questions.

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