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    Food grade means the material is safe for human consumption or can come into direct contact with food. Generally, saying that a material meets FDA standards indicates that it is food-grade, such as food-grade stainless steel, which is considered suitable for direct contact with food. It is made of the right type and quality material that is safe for contact with food.

    This means that the surface must not contain any toxic ingredients. They must also be designed so that the end user can follow these basic rules:

    • The material is used within the recommended safe temperature range.
    • That the material is safe for the type of food with which it comes into contact (fat percentage, acidity, moisture content, etc.)
    • The material will be physically adapted to the environment in which it will be used, including cleaning and sanitizing.

    For food manufacturers and food equipment manufacturers, it is critical to delivering products that comply with production and consumer safety processes. Alfa chemistry offers a diverse range of food grade materials, including food grade plastics.

    Food grade materials.Figure 1. Food grade materials.

    The importance of food grade materials

    The safety of human consumption is the most critical thing. The techniques used in the production of food and beverages as well as in their packaging and equipment that directly touches the product must be good for the consumer's health. Manufacturers need to comprehend and validate every food grade component connected to their manufacturing process, depending on the particular production location.

    Even if the production process can be shortened, cheaper machines, equipment, or materials are used to save costs and not comply with food-grade obligations. However, such actions can have many serious consequences for consumer health and may damage the producer's reputation in the long run. Every food and beverage manufacturer must modify their program to meet the necessary food grades due to this problem.

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