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Electrolyte Materials

Electrolyte Materials

Electrolytes play an important role in transferring ions between the cathode and anode of lithium/sodium ion batteries. Their performance directly determines the conductivity, capacity and output voltage of the battery. Ideal electrolyte materials should be characterized by good electrochemical stability, high ionic conductivity, wide operating temperature range, and environmental friendliness.

Alfa Chemistry offers a diverse range of electrolyte materials for lithium/sodium ion manufacturing. We offer available materials in the form of powders, granules, pellets, sputtering targets and more. Customized electrolyte materials are also available upon request.

What We Offer

CatalogProductMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightApplication
ACM-SBM20Lithium Tin Phosphorous SulfideLi10SnP2S12634.85 g/molLithium Ion Battery Manufacturing
ACM-SBM21Lithium Phosphorus SulfideLi3PS4180.06 g/mol
ACM-SBM22Lithium Germanium Phosphorus SulfideLiGePSN/A
ACM-SBM23Lithium Germanium Phosphorus Sulfur ChlorideLi10GeP2S12ClN/A
ACM-SBM24Lithium Phosphorus Sulfur BromideLi6PS5Br312.85 g/mol
ACM-SBM25Lithium Phosphorus Sulfur ChlorideLi6PS5Cl268.40 g/mol
ACM-SBM26Lithium Phosphorus Sulfur IodideLi6PS5I359.85 g/mol
ACM-SBM27Lithium Phosphorus Tellurium BromideLi6PTe5BrN/A
ACM-SBM28Lithium Phosphorus Tellurium ChlorideLi6PTe5CIN/A
ACM-SBM29Lithium Phosphorus Tellurium IodideLi6PTe5IN/A
ACM-SBM30Aluminum doped Lithium Lanthanum Zirconium OxideLi7-3xAlxLa3Zr2O12N/A
ACM-SBM31Lithium Lanthanum Tantalum OxideLi7La3Zr2-xTa2O12N/A
ACM-SBM32Lithium Lanthanum Titanium OxideLiLaTiO3241.71 g/mol
ACM-SBM33Lithium Aluminum Germanium PhosphateLiAlGeP3O12N/A
ACM-SBM34Lithium SilicateLi2SiO389.968 g/mol
ACM-SBM35Lithium PhosphateLi3PO4115.8 g/mol
ACM-SBM36Germanium SulfideGeS2136.718 g/mol
ACM-SBM37Lithium SulfideLiS271.1 g/mol
ACM-SBM38Lithium NitrideLi3N34.8297 g/mol
ACM-SBM39Sodium ThioantimonateNa3SbS4318.989 g/molSodium Ion Battery Manufacturing
ACM-SBM40Sodium HexafluorophoshateNaPF6167.953 g/mol
ACM-SBM41Sodium Manganese PhosphateNaMnPO4172.899 g/mol
ACM-SBM42Sodium Manganese OxideNa0.44MnO297.05 g/mol

Why Choose Us

Alfa Chemistry is a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty battery materials for lithium/sodium ion batteries. Our battery materials are produced through a scalable and cost-effective solid-state synthesis process, and they are pure and consistent enough to provide excellent, reliable performance even in longer cycling experiments. In addition, we are capable of custom synthesizing hard-to-obtain lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery compositions. If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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