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    Alfa Chemistry offers materials of various purities and forms to meet most specifications. Major Products is a unique section of Alfa Chemistry, as it provides high-quality materials beyond your imagination to meet your various needs.

    Major Products

    Alfa Chemistry offers the following products.

    Carbon Nanotubes

    Carbon nanotubes are a one-dimensional quantum material with a special structure. Carbon nanotubes, as a type of nanoscale small particles, exhibit small size effects, surface and interface effects, as well as quantum size effects, just like other nanoparticles. These effects enable carbon nanotubes to have good mechanical properties, strong hardness, good conductivity, and thermal conductivity.

    Fullerene(Carbon Spheres)

    Fullerene is a general term for cage like carbon clusters, including C60/C70 molecules, carbon nanotubes, onion like Fullerene, etc. Fullerene materials have been used in optical, electrical and magnetic materials due to their superconductivity, soft ferromagnetism and nonlinear optical effects.

    Graphene with High Quality

    Graphene is a two-dimensional material, which is composed of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure. High quality Graphene materials have important application prospects in the fields of electronic information, energy, functional materials, biomedicine, energy conservation and environmental protection.

    High Purity Materials

    High purity materials usually refer to elemental or compound materials with impurity content less than 10ppm (1ppm is part per million). The improvement in chemical, electrical, optical, magnetic, and mechanical properties of high-purity materials has led to their inherent performance and widespread application in the fields of semiconductors, optics, and electronics.

    MOFs and COFs Compound

    Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are a new kind of porous materials with high specific surface area, which are connected by metal ions or ion clusters with organic molecules through Coordinate covalent bond. MOFs and COFs materials have important application prospects in fields such as catalytic technology, gas separation and storage, optoelectronic materials, environment, and energy.

    Molecular Sieve

    There is a natural silicoaluminate in nature, which has the functions of molecular screening, adsorption, ion exchange and catalysis. This natural substance is called zeolite. The chemical composition, pore size, and pore size of molecular sieves mainly determine their physical and chemical properties.

    Quantum Dots

    Quantum dots are zero dimensional nano semiconductor materials, with particle sizes typically less than 10nm. Common quantum dots include nanocrystals, atomic clusters, and some nano semiconductor devices, which are typically composed of II-VI or III-V elements.


    Plastic is a type of synthetic or naturally occurring polymer that, due to its structure, can be easily formed under heat and pressure. This property is called plasticity, hence this material is called plastic. It has become a fundamental material in modern social infrastructure, bringing technological progress, energy conservation, and many other social benefits to humanity.

    Recycled Plastics

    Recycled plastics are plastic raw materials obtained through physical or chemical methods such as pre-treatment, melting granulation, and modification of waste plastics. This is the reuse of plastic.



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