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Open-Cell Foam

Any type of foam seems to be made up of small bubbles. In open-cell foams, at least half of them are interconnected, which allows air to pass between adjacent bubbles. The nature of open-cell foam makes it feel softer and more flexible than closed-cell foam.

Chemicals and water are combined to produce a reaction that results in open-cell foams. The liquid expands and solidifies into what is referred to as foam "loaves" when the chemicals are thoroughly combined in an industrial mixer, causing bubbles to form. These loaves can be cut and shaped after the production process is finished for a variety of uses.

Since open-cell foam has an open-cell structure, liquids can seep inside the substance. Although it can be dried to some extent, it is not suggested for usage in the presence of liquids. There are specific foams that permit water to drain, such as the Dryfast product line. These foams frequently include anti-microbial qualities and are created especially for use in damp environments.

Open-cell foam.Figure 1. Open-cell foam.

Customers are sure to discover the ideal solution for their upcoming project with Alfa Chemistry's large assortment of open-cell foam products.


While open-cell foam has many end-use applications, Alfa Chemistry most often offers this material because of its sound-absorbing and vibration-damping properties.

Open-cell foam for sound absorption

Air and sound waves can enter the material's pores thanks to open-cell foams. This motion enables sound wave energy, particularly high-frequency waves, to be captured and absorbed by the foam's open pores. The best material for attenuating high-frequency sound waves is open-cell foam.

Open-cell foam for packaging

The best packaging material for delicate or sensitive products is frequently open-cell foam. Its open structure is breathable, and its low density provides optimal cushioning and stress absorption.

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