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    1H,1H,2H,2H-Perfluorodecyltriethoxysilane Inquiry
    CAS Number: 101947-16-4
    Molecular Formula: C16H19F17O3Si
    1H,1H,2H,2H-Perfluorododecyltrichlorosilane Inquiry
    CAS Number: 102488-49-3
    Molecular Formula: CF3(CF2)9CH2CH2SiCl3
    Butoxynol-5 carboxylic acid Inquiry
    CAS Number: 104909-82-2
    Molecular Formula: (CH3)3CC6H4(OCH2CH2)nOCH2CO2H,n~4
    12-Pentafluorophenoxydodecylphosphonic acid Inquiry
    CAS Number: 1049677-16-8
    Molecular Formula: C18H26F5O4P
    1,4-Benzenedimethanethiol Inquiry
    CAS Number: 105-09-9
    Molecular Formula: C8H10S2
    5-Mercaptopentanenitrile Inquiry
    CAS Number: 1053658-37-9
    Molecular Formula: C5H9NS
    3-Cyanopropyltriethoxysilane Inquiry
    CAS Number: 1067-47-6
    Molecular Formula: C10H21NO3Si
    1-Mercapto-2-propanol Inquiry
    CAS Number: 1068-47-9
    Molecular Formula: C3H8OS
    1-Propanethiol Inquiry
    CAS Number: 107-03-9
    Molecular Formula: C3H8S
    3-Cyanopropyltrichlorosilane Inquiry
    CAS Number: 1071-27-8
    Molecular Formula: C4H6Cl3NSi
    11-?(2-?Bromoisobutyrate)?-?undecyl-?1-?phosphonic acid Inquiry
    CAS Number: 1095957-23-5
    Molecular Formula: C15H30BrO5P
    1-Butanethiol Inquiry
    CAS Number: 109-79-5
    Molecular Formula: C4H10S
    1,3-Propanedithiol Inquiry
    CAS Number: 109-80-8
    Molecular Formula: C3H8S2
    1-Pentanethiol Inquiry
    CAS Number: 110-66-7
    Molecular Formula: C5H12S
    1-Hexanethiol Inquiry
    CAS Number: 111-31-9
    Molecular Formula: C6H14S
    1-Octanethiol Inquiry
    CAS Number: 111-88-6
    Molecular Formula: C8H18S;CH2SH(CH2)6CH3;C8H18S
    Trichloro(octadecyl)silane Inquiry
    CAS Number: 112-04-9
    Molecular Formula: C18H37Cl3Si
    Bis(16-hydroxyhexadecyl)disulfide,99% Inquiry
    CAS Number: 112141-28-3
    Molecular Formula: C32H66O2S2
    O-(Methacryloxyethyl)-N-(triethoxysilylpropyl)urethane Inquiry
    CAS Number: 115396-93-5
    Molecular Formula: C16H31NO7Si
    S-(4-Azidobutyl)thioacetate Inquiry
    CAS Number: 1176244-22-6
    Molecular Formula: C6H11N3OS


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