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Acoustic Foam

Foam is a fantastic soundproofing material! Acoustic foam is a type of open-cell foam used for acoustic treatment. In order to dampen or control noise, it attenuates sound waves in the air and lessens their amplitude. The acoustic foam will assist control the sound and lower it to a manageable level in rooms with excessive noise or echo.

When selecting the best foam for your purposes, the shape of the foam is crucial. Foams with shapes like a wedge, pyramid, or egg lattice typically perform better than flat foams. All of the foams mentioned above will be helpful, although thicker acoustical foams have a tendency to be more effective at the muffled sound.

The size, thickness, and design of acoustic foam all have an impact on cost. Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of acoustic foam shapes that can easily and affordably meet a variety of needs. Our acoustical foams start at an affordable cost and increase in the cost depending on the design and size you choose for your project.

Acoustic Foam.Figure 1. Acoustic Foam.


Acoustic foam for building and interior acoustics

In order to keep the acoustic atmosphere as pleasant and quiet as possible, sound-absorbing foams significantly reduce the noise load. They can be used in areas such as:

  • Sound protection
  • Sound insulation (airborne sound, footsteps)
  • Sound insulation (sound absorption)
  • Various noise reduction (e.g. by covering elements)

Acoustic foams for industrial acoustics

In the field of acoustics, foams can be used effectively in many different ways to optimize audio impressions, sound behavior, and soundscapes. Some common applications include

  • Coffee machines
  • Compressors
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Cooling equipment
  • Extraction equipment
  • Gardening equipment

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