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    What are inorganic pigments?

    Inorganic Pigments

    Inorganic pigments are usually oxides, sulfides, chromates, silicates, phosphates and carbonates of metallic elements. Because of their ability to interact with light, they most often contain some transition metals. Inorganic pigments have been sought and developed for a long time. Natural inorganic pigments have been known as early as prehistoric times. For example, drawings in the Pech-Merle caves in southern France, northern Spain and northern Africa were made from charcoal, ocher, manganese brown and clay. During the Renaissance, chromium oxides and various multi-metal oxide minerals also began to be used as pigments. Today, inorganic pigments have become very important substances in human life. They will continue to contribute to the beautification of our daily lives and habitats and to the emphasis and differentiation of objects.


    Inorganic pigments are widely used in various industries because of their advantages. Here are some of the main advantages of inorganic pigments:

    • Excellent Lightfastness: Inorganic pigments are typically highly lightfast, meaning they can withstand exposure to light without significant color change. This property is essential for applications that are continuously exposed to sunlight.
    • Excellent Heat Resistance: Inorganic pigments can withstand high temperatures without undergoing color changes or degradation. This property is important for applications such as ceramics.
    • Excellent Opacity: Inorganic pigments often have excellent opacity for improved hiding power. This is particularly important in applications such as paint, because in these applications, people need to obtain uniform and opaque colors.
    • Cost-Effective: Cost advantage is an important factor in industries that require extensive use of pigments. Compared with some organic pigments, the production cost of inorganic pigments is often lower. This is due in large part to the relatively simple chemical reactions required to produce inorganic pigments.

    Areas of Application

    The main application areas of inorganic pigments are as follows:

    Paints and Coatings

    Exterior and interior architectural paints
    Automotive coatings
    Industrial coatings
    Marine coatings


    Coloring of plastic products and components
    Packaging materials
    Toys and consumer goods

    Construction Materials

    Coloring of concrete
    Pigments for mortar and plaster
    Roofing materials


    Dyeing of fabrics and yarns
    Printing on textiles
    Apparel and home textiles


    Eye shadows
    Nail polishes
    Lipsticks and other cosmetic products


    Coloring of glass products
    Stained glass
    Ceramic frits for glass enamels


    Printing inks for various applications
    Packaging and labeling inks

    Rubber Products

    Coloring of rubber goods
    Automotive rubber parts


    Glazes for tiles and pottery
    Decorative ceramics

    Art and Stationery

    Artists' pigments
    Colored pencils and crayons

    Areas of Application

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