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Polyethylene (PE)

Products Inquiry
O-(3-Carboxypropyl)-O'-[2-(3-mercaptopropionylamino)ethyl]-Polyethylene glycol Inquiry
CAS Number: 1220112-75-3
Molecular Formula: C11H21NO5S
1, 2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine-N-[folate(Polyethylene glycol)-2000] (ammonium salt) Inquiry
CAS Number: 1236288-25-7
Molecular Formula: C287H558N11O127P
1, 2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine-N-[folate(Polyethylene glycol)-5000] (ammonium salt) Inquiry
CAS Number: 1236288-25-7
Molecular Formula: C287H558N11O127P
1, 2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine-N-[cyanur(Polyethylene glycol)-2000] (ammonium salt) Inquiry
CAS Number: 1246304-74-4
Poly(3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Inquiry
CAS Number: 126213-51-2
Methyl 3-(methylamino)-2-butenoate Inquiry
CAS Number: 13412-12-9
Molecular Formula: C6H11NO2
Cetirizine Polyethylene glycol (PEG) Ester Inquiry
CAS Number: 1509941-93-8
Molecular Formula: C21H25ClN2O3[C2H4O]n
O-[4-(Hydroxymethyl)benzoyl]-O'-methyl-Polyethylene glycol Inquiry
CAS Number: 175233-46-2
O, O'-Bis[2-(N-Succinimidyl-succinylamino)ethyl]Polyethylene glycol Inquiry
CAS Number: 186020-53-1
O-(2-Aminoethyl)-O'-(2-carboxyethyl)Polyethylene glycol hydrochloride, Mp 3, 000 Inquiry
CAS Number: 187848-66-4
Molecular Formula: NH2CH2CH2O(CH2CH2O)nCH2CH2COOH.HCl
N-octanoyl-sphingosine-1-{succinyl[methoxy(Polyethylene glycol)]} Inquiry
CAS Number: 212116-76-2
Molecular Formula: C33H61NO7
N-palmitoyl-sphingosine-1-{succinyl[methoxy(Polyethylene glycol)]} Inquiry
CAS Number: 212116-78-4
Molecular Formula: C41H77NO7
Poly(ethylene adipate) Inquiry
CAS Number: 24938-37-2
Molecular Formula: [OCH₂CH2O₂C(CH₂)₄CO]n
Polyethylene glycol dimethyl ether 500, (stabilised) for synthesis Inquiry
CAS Number: 24991-55-7
Molecular Formula: CH3O(CH2CH2O)nCH3
Poly(ethylene glycol) dimethyl ether (average Mn ~500, contains 100 ppm BHT as stabilizer) Inquiry
CAS Number: 24991-55-7
Molecular Formula: C2+2nH6+4nO1+n
Polyethylene glycol dimethyl ether Inquiry
CAS Number: 24991-55-7
Molecular Formula: CH3O(CH2CH2O)nCH3
Poly(ethylene-co-tetrafluoroethylene), melt index 11 g/10 min (279°C/49 newton), pellets Inquiry
CAS Number: 25038-71-5
Molecular Formula: (CH2CH2)x(CF2CF2)y
Polyethylene glycol Dimethacrylate n≈4 (stabilized with MEHQ) Inquiry
CAS Number: 25852-47-5
Molecular Formula: C3H5C(O)(OCH2CH2)nOC(O)C3H5
Polyethyleneglycol2-ethylhexylether (PEH-3) Inquiry
CAS Number: 26468-86-0
Molecular Formula: (C2H4O)n·C8H18O
Poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate (average MW ~600, Contains 400-600ppm MEHQ stabilizer) Inquiry
CAS Number: 26570-48-9


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