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Ultramarine Blue (PB29)

Product Information

ParameterCatalog Number
Tint (1:3)
C.I.NamePigment Blue 29Pigment Blue 29Pigment Blue 29Pigment Blue 29Pigment Blue 29Pigment Blue 29Pigment Blue 29Pigment Blue 29
C.I. No.7700777007770077700777007770077700777007
Pigment ChemicalNa8-x[(Al,Si)12]O24(Sy)2Na8-x[(Al,Si)12]O24(Sy)2Na8-x[(Al,Si)12]O24(Sy)2Na8-x[(Al,Si)12]O24(Sy)2Na8-x[(Al,Si)12]O24(Sy)2Na8-x[(Al,Si)12]O24(Sy)2Na8-x[(Al,Si)12]O24(Sy)2Na8-x[(Al,Si)12]O24(Sy)2
Specific Gravity2.352.352.352.352.352.352.352.35
Mean Particle Size (μm)~2.1~2.1~2.0~1.9~1.9~1.9~1.8~1.8
Oil Absorption (g/100g)~38~38~40~40~40~40~42~43
Free Sulfur (%)< 0.05< 0.05< 0.05< 0.05< 0.05< 0.05< 0.05< 0.05
Heat Resistance (°C)350350350350350350350350
Acid Fastness (1-5)2-32-32-32-32-32-32-32-3
Alkali Fastness (1-5)4-54-54-54-54-54-54-54-5
Light Fastness (1-8)7-87-87-87-87-87-87-87-8
Weather Fastness (1-5)4-54-54-54-54-54-54-54-5

* The colors shown in the table are only approximate, please test and confirm before use.

Main Characteristics

  • Silicic acid, aluminium sodium salt, sulfurized
  • Reddish blue shade
  • Easy to disperse
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Non-bleeding and non-migratory

Main Applications

  • Ultramarine blue is commonly used as a blue colorant in coatings. It can be used for the preparation of architectural coatings, industrial coatings, automotive coatings, protective coatings and other coatings.
  • In the fields of paint, rubber, plastics and paper, ultramarine blue can cover the yellow light of products well and play a whitening role.
  • Ultramarine blue is also used in the construction industry for coloring materials like concrete, mortar, and tiles. It provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing blue color to architectural elements.
  • Ultramarine blue is also used as a painting pigment because of its unparalleled vibrant color and excellent lightfastness.

Ultramarine Blue (PB29)

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